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Optimize and electrify your company's car fleet using driving and vehicle data

Save up to 1 300 €/car/year
Your Needs

Are you looking to reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)? Electrify your fleet? Decrease accident rates?

Reduce your TCO

How to achieve savings on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? (fuel, insurance, maintenance, ...)

Electrify your fleet

How to comply with regulations? How to renew your fleet? Which vehicles to choose? What charging infrastructure is needed?

Reduce accidents

How to reduce your accident rate? How to limit operational impact? How to minimize financial impact?

How does it work?

Turn driving and vehicle data into crucial information and concrete actions

1. Collect data easily

Deploy quickly and easily! Our smartphone-based telematics and connected vehicles eliminate the need for OBD device installation.

3. Enrich data

With our expertise in automotive engineering, modeling, and data science, we turn raw data into added value.

3. Take concrete actions

Maximize your savings by taking concrete actions, thanks to our features tailored to drivers and fleet managers.

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CleanMob, drive cleaner, safer and further


Optimisez et électrifiez la flotte automobile de votre entreprise grâce aux données de conduite et des véhicules​




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